The department congratulates: Vahid Jamali, appointed Professor at TU Darmstadt

Porträt von Vahid Jamali
Vahid Jamali (Copyright: Paul Glogowski, TU Darmstadt)

The next step in his scientific career has not started that long ago: since April 2022, Vahid Jamali has been a Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (Resilient Communications Group) at TU Darmstadt. He obtained his doctoral degree from FAU in 2019 under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Robert Schober and held postdoctoral appointments at FAU and Princeton University before joining TU Darmstadt. His research interests fall into the areas of communication theory, information theory, and signal processing and their application to emerging communication systems.

The department congratulates Prof. Dr. Vahid Jamali very warmly on his appointment and sends many greetings to Darmstadt!