#New here: Anne Koelewijn is part of the Department EEI

Welcome at our Department, Prof. Koelewijn!
Welcome at our Department, Prof. Koelewijn!

Some of you may have already seen her: Anne Koelewijn, from AIBE, has joined the Department EEI on 01.02.2024. A warm welcome!

Prof. Koelewijn is originally from the Netherlands and received her master’s and bachelor’s from Delft University of Technology. She was a postdoc in the Biorobotics Laboratory at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland, where she worked on developing models of neural control of human walking and standing. She received her doctoral degree from Cleveland State University, in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. There, she worked on dynamics simulations of human gait, with a focus on predicting how people walk with lower-leg prostheses.

When we asked what topics the students expect to find in their courses, she replied: „Currently, I have a lecture on gait analysis and simulation. In this lecture, the students learn about how human gait – and other movements – can be measured with different sensors, and how this data can be processed to calculate useful variables. We also talk about different ways to make gait simulations, which can be used to predict how people walk in new situations, like with a new running shoe or a prosthesis. We also discuss the human body and how it controls and performs movements. The students can also choose a variant with exercises, in which they will actually perform a gait analysis experiment themselves and analyse the data.“ How interesting! In the future, she plans to offer a lecture on legged robotics. In this course, different approaches for robotics modeling and control will be discussed, including more classical control approaches, to control based on human neural control and machine learning approaches.

As Prof. Koelewijn has already spent some time in Erlangen, she is familiar with the city. Her favorit place and time to visit Erlangen? „Bergkirchweih! So far, the weather is always very nice – at least when I was there –  and there is a nice atmosphere in the whole city. Also, the Fränkische Schweiz is a great place for hiking and rock climbing. I also think that Erlangen has many great places to eat ice cream. As you can probably tell, I am a summer person, but the Christmas markets in the area are definitely worth a visit, too.“

A warm welcome to FAU / the Department EEI, Prof. Koelewijn!