Please note that the hygiene regulations at always have priority over the regulations, information, processes and recommendations mentioned here. The information about Corona and its measures can also change at any time. Due to the particularly dangerous situation, you have to obtain the latest information yourself from the website before you want to use the CIP rooms on site. The information on this website is not integrated! We try very hard to publish critical information promptly.

The two CIP pools of the departments of electrical engineering, electronics and information technology (EEI) and materials science (WW) are run together as 1 CIP pool. The cooperation enables the students to work in one of the rooms.

At the end of 2018, with a large investment, all computers were replaced by new, powerful machines, office monitors with high resolution were purchased and all workstations were equipped with ergonomic office chairs.

A complex and stable system with Linux, virtualized Windows and many software products has been created through close cooperation with the regional data center in Erlangen (RRZE).

CURRENT NOTE: The CIP Pool EEI of the Department EEI can be used for free work if the room has not been booked, see timetable in UnivIS. In addition, the Seat reservation can be used. You are obliged to register with each use using the white slip of occupational safety. In addition, the hygiene guidelines of CIP Pool EEI online and on site must be followed.
The access is timed with the main entrance to the building. It is not absolutely necessary to activate your FAU card.

The CIP Pool WW of the Department of Materials Science can be used by students via reservation.
At this point in time, your FAU card must be manually activated by us for access.

Current Corona instructions:

  • In face-to-face events, the mask must be worn all the time, even after the seat has been taken and also by lecturers. Regardless of whether the safety distance of 1.5 meters is maintained.
  • Even in exams, the mask must be worn for the entire time until further notice. If someone is unable to wear a mask during an exam for health reasons, this must be clarified in advance with the examiner.
  • Even when working freely, the mask must be worn all the time if there is more than 1 person in the room.
  • Please take note of the current corona information from FAU. The general FAU instructions always take precedence over the requirements mentioned here.

Lost & Found
Did you leave something in the CIP EEI or CIP WW and it’s gone? Maybe we picked it up. Contact (WW included) and describe exactly what you are missing.

The CIP rooms are video-monitored.

It is forbidden to pull any power plug! The system send us a lot of messages when a computer is no longer accessible! Thank You.