Seminar Digital Pathology and Deep Learning



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This course will be held in person except for the first session on Friday, April 29. Please note that the time & day of the course will very likely change after the first session. Please register for this course via StudOn.

  • Mo 12:00-14:00, Raum Seminarraum ZMPT (außer vac) ICS


Pathology is the study of diseases and aims to deliver a fine-grained diagnosis to understand processes in the body as well as to enable targeted treatment. In this area, the opportunities for digital image processing are vast: While the need for precision medicine, i.e., taking into account various co-dependencies when formulating the best possible treatment for a patient, is high, the number of pathologists is not increasing accordingly. Deep learning-based techniques can be used for different objectives in this scope. Examples include screening large microscopy images for specific rare events, providing visual augmentation with analysis data. Additionally, the availability of massive data collections, including genomics and further biological factors, can be utilized to determine specific information about diseases that were previously unavailable. This seminar is offered to students of medicine as well as computer sciences and medical engineering and similar. Students will have to present a topic from this field in a short (30 min) and comprehensive presentation. List of topics: - Staining and special stains (including immunohistochemistry, enzyme-based dyes and tissue microarrays) - Current computational pathology - Knowledge/Feature fusion into a diagnosis - Histopathology quality control - Data sets as limiting factor - limits of current data sets - Large scale / clinical grade solutions - Computational and augmented tumor grading - In vivo microstructural analysis - Big data in pathology (multi-omics) - Histology image registration - Staining differences and stain normalization - Transfer learning and domain adaptation - Explainable AI - Virtual staining - Digital workflow in Germany vs. the world - Limits of digital pathology

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