Hygiene guidelines CIP EEI


Hygiene Guidelines CIP EEI

  1. Please take note of the current health information about the coronavirus. Further information can be found at fau.eu/corona/hygiene-guidelines/
  2. Please adhere to the cough and sneeze etiquette! If there is no handkerchief at hand, the crook of your arm can also be used to catch coughing and sneezing.
  3. If you are ill, especially with symptoms that can be assigned to a COVID-19 illness, you are not allowed to use the CIP room. The most common symptoms are: fever, cough and runny nose. (As of 10.2021)
  4. If you had contact with anyone who have suffered from COVID-19 within the last 14 days, you are not allowed to enter the room.
  5. Please note the postings in front of and in the premises.
  6. If possible, please keep a minimum distance of 1.5 m from the next person when moving through the room.
  7. Use the entrance door only as an entrance and the emergency door as an exit.
  8. Avoid walking towards people if possible.
  9. Do not form groups with members sitting close together if the people’s 2G/3G/3G-Plus status is unknown.
  10. The maximum number of people allowed in the room has been canceled until further notice.
  11. If possible, please wash your hands with soap in the nearest toilet before and after your stay.
  12. Please use the disinfectant dispenser when entering.
  13. If possible, please clean the keyboard and mouse (do not disinfect) with the cleaning utensils before use.
  14. Students must wear a mask (FFP2 mask) in the building and in closed rooms; this does not apply to speakers.
  15. All seats can be used.
  16. The seats may not be changed, the furniture may not be adjusted.
  17. When accepting a seat, you must use the nearest occupational safety QR code (white sticker on the table), even if you have reserved a seat via EEI website. This will inform you or others if you belong to a chain of infection. Instead, you may also use the analog contact data form. Further information can be found on site.
  18. The room is in the positive list of FAU, is permanently ventilated and is cleaned every day by a specialist company.
  19. Random checks are made every day to determine whether a person fulfills the 2G/3G/3G-Plus requirements and has registered with darfichrein.de. Please make the process easier by carrying your papers with you.
  20. You can also access a computer remotely from outside. It may not be necessary to use it on site. Instructions see eei.tf.fau.de/cip/remotedesktop/en/